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Lumos Networks FAQs

Q: What is
A: is a community Web portal hosted by nTelos that provides the latest national, entertainment and sports news as well as robust local content for several nTelos communities.

Q: Do I need any special software for the Web site?
A: You will need to update your Adobe Flash player plug-in to be able to view news content and games. You will need an up-to-date version of Adobe Shockwave Player to display and play games. These Adobe Flash plug-ins are available to download for free

Q: What are the recommended Display Properties for optimal viewing of
A: Screen resolution setting is recommended to be 1024 x 768. The Color quality should be set as Highest (32 bit).

Q: What browsers does the portal work within?
A: You can use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. In either case, it is recommended to use the most recent version.

Q: How do I get to the Web site?
A: The URL for the site is Enter this URL into your browser.

Q: How do I save as my home page?
A: When you are on the site, click Make this my Home Page at the extreme top right-hand side of the page. Internet Explorer will then automatically set the home page URL for you. At this time, Firefox browsers do not support this automatic set-up. To manually set the home page, the URL to use is

Q: What can I do on the Web site ?
A: The portal has easy access to free Web content such as video, news, sports, entertainment, weather, games, music and local news. Register on the community Web portal and customize the content to fit your interests.

Q: Why should I register with
A: Registration allows you to customize your home page with those items that are of most interest to you. You can select localized content, weather and news. Registration is quick and easy.

Q: How do I register with
A: In the Login module click the words Sign up! This takes you to the registration page. The Email will be the username and will be needed to login in after registration. The Display Name is important; it allows you to post articles and photos while keeping your email address private. Once you have filled all the information, click Register in the bottom left corner. You may then login to the site by clicking in the Login module. Its that simple.

Q: Why do I need to put in an email address when I register?
A: The email address is your username, allowing us to save your customized home page settings. Your email address is also used to send you a password reminder if you need it. We will only send to the email of record.

Q: How do I customize my home page?
A: You must be registered and logged in to customize the page. Select the option Customize your Home Page located beneath the Login module and a list of RSS feeds will appear in the left hand column. Click the RSS feed that interests you, and a preview of its content will appear in the right hand column. If you decide to add the RSS feed to your page content, click on the blue title bar of the RSS feed module and drag it to the bottom portion of the page (where it is arranged in three columns). The module will stay where you leave it when you release the click. You can move it to any of the three columns, in any location that you wish, in the bottom half of this page. Anytime you want to remove a module, click the X in the top left corner of the module. You can also add or remove weather zip codes to suit your interests.

Q: How do I access Webmail?
A: If you have a email account, you can login in to your Webmail right from Just click on Webmail in the Login module. Enter your email prefix (the email address without the portion) and password. Youll be connected directly to your Inbox. We recommend you log out of your Webmail when you are finished for security purposes. Logging out will bring you right back to

Q: What is on the Local pages?
A: The Local pages are where you can stay up to date with whats happening in your own community. Check the Local page for your area to see recent news, a community calendar and photo gallery. Registered users can submit photos, articles, links and events that they would like to share or announce free of charge. In the Local Communities module on, there are five local regions listed. Select one of these to view that Local page. Each Local page will offer the option to view any of the other four Local Communities.

Q: Can I submit content to the community portal?
A: Yes, you may submit photos, articles, links and events to your Local communitys page. To submit content, click the relevant Local community in the Local Communities module (on the right side of the page). To post an article or photo, you must be registered and logged in. Your posted articles and photos will not appear immediately. Content will be reviewed first and, once found to be appropriate for public viewing, will be posted to the live site, usually within 24 business hours.
1.To post an article, click The Buzz tab in the local content module left hand column. Then click the top option in the module which says submit an article! Follow the steps as outlined in the module, creating a headline and text for the article, then click Submit.
2.To post a photo, click the Photos tab in the local content module left hand column. Then click the top option in the module which says submit a photo! Follow the steps as outlined in the module, uploading the photo and giving it a caption, then click Submit. Note: The Caption is the text viewers will see next to the photo.

Q: How can my organization publish information on our Local communitys page?
A: If your organization is interested in becoming a local publisher, email the team at Be sure to include your organizations Web site, if applicable, and contact information. Your organization will be reviewed and someone will be in touch with you about becoming a publisher. A training session will be arranged to instruct how to post information to one or more of our Local page(s).

Q: What additional News & Video content are on the site?
A: The portal will display enhanced Associated Press articles in several categories such as national, world and international. ROO Video provides high quality news videos. Visitors can easily access a wide variety of video content.

Q: How often is the news content updated?
A: The Associated Press news is updated every hour.

Q: Where can I see Sports scores?
A: Go to the Sports tab on the navigation bar then click on the Sports Scores tab in the left-hand module. Todays scores and past Scores are available.

Q: Are there free games I can play?
A: Yes, there are free games to play. Go to the Entertainment tab on the navigation bar then click on the Games tab in the left-hand module. You will need an up-to-date version of Adobe Shockwave Player to display and play games. You can download this free software

Q: Where can I find Local Movie Listings?
A: Go to the Entertainment tab on the navigation bar then click on the Movies tab in the left-hand module. Click on the Local Showtimes button for more details.

Q: How do I find Lumos Networks TV Listings?
A: The portal has a page dedicated for TV Listings. To access TV listings, simply click on the TV listings tab located on the navigation bar and type in your zip code.

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